Arçelik has achieved significant enhancements in its operations, especially in human resources and process management,

with self-assessment studies. In the beginning of the new millennium, The Company has preferred to use the Six Sigma methodology to maintain its strong competitive position in Turkey and abroad. Arçelik aims toward a more systematical management and measurement of achievements and improvements to track new ones.

Six Sigma is a methodology that aims at improving products, services and the processes. It has been recognized and used worldwide by large corporations since the 1980s. It is not only implemented in production-oriented procedures, but also in sales, marketing, financial, and administrative processes.

Six Sigma projects, that target problems in the production process, were specified at Arçelik in the second half of 1998; in 2002 studies concerning excellence in non-production processes and implementation of the Six Sigma methodology were undertaken. Major elements of Arçelik's Six Sigma philosophy are leadership, creativity, consumer-focused thinking, speed and effectiveness in every job or in other words - excellence everywhere.

Six Sigma projects have brought earnings of approximately ? 8 million in the last six years. The projects within the portfolio are currently expected to generate earnings of almost ? 6 million.

Quality, performance, and price distinctions among products and services of companies around the world have been reduced. Using the Six Sigma methodology, Arçelik aims at providing consumers with products of world standards, which can provide carefree usage for many years


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