At Arçelik, the Road to Quality and total quality activities started in the early 1980's
with the application of Quality Circles. As of 1990, Quality Safety Units were created at factories studies compatible to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard were developed. In 1992, the central functions of the Cayirova and Eskisehir Plants were certified according to the ISO 9001. Today, all of Arçelik's production facilities possess the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate given by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate given by SGS Yarsley.

In 1992, the Arçelik management proved its determination and tenacity by aiming to surpass the standard minimal conditions, by deciding to approach Total Quality Management globally and systematically and by doing its first self-evaluation according to the Malcolm Baldrige model since at that time, Turkey had not yet adopted the EFQM model. Later, Arçelik continuing its self evaluations according to the Perfection Model, first brought to Turkey by KalDer, won the TUSIAD-KalDer National Quality Grand Award. Arçelik, the first and only company in the appliance sector to win a national quality award, was a finalist in the 1998 EFQU European quality Award and in 2000, won the Success Award for the large-scale institutions and work units category. The three years following 1997, when Arçelik won the National Quality Award, Arçelik's greatest success was the regular improvement 'do it right the first time' ratio regular improvement (in other words the skill of sending zero defects products to the market) and the 40% decrease in the cost of quality expenditures. Since the contribution margin per product increased, there was a direct increase in the company profit.


From Quality Control to Quality Reliability and the transfer to ISO 9001.
The Koc 2000 Project, Improvement Project Teams, Self-evaluation, and the Supply Chain Management.
Process-based pure management, and customer and quality focused strategic management understanding.

1997 Istanbul Chamber of
Environment Award

The European Quality Prize

1997 TTGV Grand Prize
for Technology

1997 TÜSYAD-KalDer Grand
Prize for Quality

1998 TTGV Grand Prize
for Technology


As the winner of the European Quality Prize in 2000, Arçelik pursues excellence in all processes leading to the final product, thus implements an efficient Total Quality Management.

Total Quality Management increases productivity of all systems. As a result, consumers are provided with the possibility to obtain more authorized products and services at the most beneficial terms. With each step taken toward quality, a common language has been developed among departments and individuals; team spirit and communication has continuously improved. The employees' awareness of their contributions to the Company's success has further reinforced the corporate culture. Self-assessment meetings held every year ensured continuity of progress and helped the development of preventive approaches in accordance with the changing internal and external conditions.

Total Quality Management activities in Arçelik have been initiated in the early 1980s with the application of Quality Circles. Since 1990, Arçelik has formed Quality Guarantee Sections in all its plants in order to comply with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standards. In 1992, along with main functions, Çayırova and Eskişehir plants of Arçelik have been granted with ISO 9001. Today, all production plants possess ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate granted by TSE.

Having received ISO 14001:1996 Environmental Management System Certificate from SGS and the ISO 9001, Arçelik pursues a "sustainable development" approach with regard to its products, services and production processes in Turkey and all countries where it is active. This approach deals with environmental pollution and concerns effective use and recycling of rapidly diminishing natural resources.

In 1992, Arçelik decided to handle Total Quality Management completely and systematically so as to surpass minimum standard conditions. Since the EFQM model was not adopted in Turkey at that time, the first self-assessment studies of Arçelik were performed in accordance with the Malcolm Baldrige model - a manifestation of the will and decisiveness of management on this issue. As of 1994, Arçelik carried out self-assessment studies in accordance with the Excellence Model, which was implemented in Turkey by KalDer. In 1997 Arçelik was given the National Quality Award by TÜSYAD-KalDer.

Being the only company operating in the household appliances sector with the National Quality Award, Arçelik was the finalist of EFQM European Quality Award in 1998 and won the European Quality Prize in 2000 in the category of large businesses and business units.

Having joined Arçelik in 1999, Türk Elektrik Endüstrisi A.Ş. received the National Quality Prize 1998 and 1999; Beko Ticaret, which joined the Company in 2001, was presented with the National and EFQM Quality Awards for small and medium-size enterprises in 1998. In 2002, its Washing Machine Plant received the TPM Excellence Award that is given to the world's best facilities for their implementation of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) principles.

These awards underline the quality of Arçelik's products and its contributions to the society. From the "continuous improvement" perspective within the Total Quality philosophy, these achievements increase Arçelik's responsibilities towards consumers and at the same time raise level of their expectations. For Arçelik there are no boundaries in pursuing excellence.

Arçelik's greatest achievement in the years following the National Quality Award in 1997 was the steady improvement in "doing it right the first time" (the ability to present zero-defect products to the market) and a 40% reduction in quality costs.


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